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    How do you sack a minister like Maria? Or rather, why won’t he?

    Is Fargo any good? You bet The Coens’ classic film is now a TV show starring Martin Freeman. It’s reverential, but with a twist Stephen Armstrong Published: 13 April 2014 Comment (0)  Print Tough day at the office: Martin Freeman reaches breaking point in Fargo (Chris Large/FX) The trickiest scene in the new small-screen Fargo is the one in which Martin Freeman kills his wife with a hammer. When he first pulls the tool out, she’s dismissive — as if to say, you’re going to hit me? Then Freeman gives a kooky smile and a shrug, and brings the hammer down on top of her head with a light tap, like a spoon on an eggshell. There’s a long pause. She’s quiet. Then a tiny trickle of blood sneaks across her forehead, and everything changes. How it change

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    What did you have for breakfast

    Obey the hourglass, keep ageing at bay The doctor behind a new diet coming to Britain claims it slows the process of growing old. Oh, and it keeps you thin too Francesca Angelini Published: 6 April 2014 Comment (10)  Print What did you have for breakfast — toast, or a croissant, or a bowl of nuts and dried fruit, bananas and blueberries doused in almond milk with a sliver of dark chocolate on the side? If you are in Holland you probably ate the third; if you are anywhere else it might soon be your breakfast staple, too. You have Kris Verburgh, 28, a Belgian doctor, to thank for this. His diet book, The Food Hourglass, is a bestseller in Holland and is being published in Britain this week.Verburgh has an unusual approach to dieting. His primary aim is to slow down the ageing process and to remain as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Weight loss, which he says is often considerable, is merely a side effect.

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